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Hiring a Professional Bricklayer


There are serious advantages of hiring professional bricklayers for home improvement projects that you have planned. Why is that? Well, if you try to build a wall yourself, or hire a friend who has ‘some’ experience, then you may miss some very important skills that can ensure your brickwork is as structurally sound as it needs to be. Professional bricklayers are specially trained and have many experiences in all types of brick work.

Here are the advantages of hiring a professional bricklayer for your indoors and outdoors home improvement projects:

Technical Experience

Placing bricks on top of one another, and then applying the right type and amount of treated mortar may sound easy enough, but a lot of know-how is involved in setting up the base of brickwork projects. For example, home projects such as brick or stone walls, stone and brick flooring, and beautiful brick fireplaces need to be erected on a solidly prepared foundation and base.

A professional bricklayer has the training and experience to construct these properly, so that they last generations, not just a few years. The type of mortar matters, and there are specialised additives that can be added to mortar to make it incredibly strong and experienced bricklayers know all about these, and when to use them. Also, depending on local building codes, some home improvement projects need to meet certain requirements that only a professional bricklayer can accomplish.

A Guarantee

Hiring a professional bricklayer guarantees that the job is done right the first time, and looks the exact way you want it, and that whatever is constructed will last for decades; not just a few years before showing signs of wear. A licensed bricklayer will also guarantee their work, if something should unexpectedly go wrong. Do it yourself projects can be risky in that mistakes made, and money lost, are all a burden you must bear yourself. That is a great reason why you should hire a professional bricklayer to construct your brick wall, brick floors or a brick fireplace in your home.

Track Record

Hiring a professional bricklayer comes with the expectations that they are experienced, and any established brick mason will be proud to show you some of their previous stonework.

A Written Contract

All niceness aside, getting a written contract by a professional tradesman is sound insurance that you will get what you paid for. And, that is a definite sign of a good business relationship; when everything is laid out in writing.